The web has changed dramatically over the years. User-oriented content (Web 2.0), Responsive or mobile-first movement and social media all a part in this change. Applications such as Google Docs, Netflix and Facebook which would have previously only been imaginable on desktop PC’s, are now used routinely in web browsers every day. The web is an open platform for a broad range of services, and similar to app development, experts are required for the realisation of these services.

Our web development team specialises in the implementation of tailor-made web apps, which, when coupled with our in-house backends, sets new standards in performance, usability and design. Similar to app and backend development, the project parameters are clearly defined in the concept and then implemented with superior quality.


In the course of digitalising business processes, it is not only the end customers who are involved with backends and mobile apps, but also typically stakeholders between or within the company who must be able to monitor and control the entire process via a content management system/cockpit/administration interface.

All about apps develops so-called SPAs (single-page applications) – where, web apps whose functionality is controlled by JavaScript – enable an experience on the web, as on mobile apps or on the desktop. The following are highlights of this service:

  • Specification and implementation of your needs and ambitions within modern web frameworks, such as React or Angular 2 within TypeScript
  • The user experience is based on Google’s material design (i.e. looks and behaves similar to native Android apps)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with universal JavaScript: We offer a server-side implementation for apps, in addition to the client-side implementation, in accordance with the project requirements.
  • Future-proofing: Our architectures continue to build on web components and the latest ECMAScript standards (ES2017). We guarantee a superior code that is consistent and entirely statically typed.
  • Innovation: WebVR, Web Push Notifications, WebGL, WebRTC, WebWorkers, Reactive Programming, GraphQL – we are happy to advise you further on the browser possibilities and opportunities, and whether this can be relevant for your project.


WordPress has now blossomed into a solution for publishers and authors of digital web content. All about apps, in cooperation with dotsandlines, provides support for the conception and selection of the themes, and the adaptation of these, whilst keeping in mind your corporate identity. We offer robust, secure and high-performance hosting via the all about apps cloud.


Social media, inbound marketing, marketing automation and content marketing are all important tools for the long-term success of a product. In cooperation with Content Glory, all about apps consolidates custom functionalities and integrations with other services (such as Facebook), within Hubspot.


With the experts at all about apps you are in good hands when it comes to the development of high-quality, visually appealing and functionally-optimised web shops. We guide you through your first steps in e-commerce and warehouse management, and manage a secure and premium hosting, through our cloud service. As a platform of choice, we can recommend Shopware.

  • Collaboration with an experienced developer team
  • Complete A-Z in-house handling throughout the development process
  • Incorporation of the latest technologies
  • Regular reporting on project progress
  • Tailor-made, high-quality web apps

All about apps is a leader app development. Our experienced team of specialists provide quick and effective support for our clients throughout the various phases of product development. The size of our team and their collective expertise, enables us to comfortably administer the entire development process in-house. This allows us to offer flexibility, efficiency and a high level of quality in the delivery of our products. Over 250 satisfied customers, with more than 400 premium apps featuring over 150 million downloads, speak for us.

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