Start-up Apps

Startups strive, in the early stages, to develop a cost-effective first version of their product. Therefore, compromises are often made with the development even being shifted abroad. Unfortunately, this also often results in considerable overheads in development and unsatisfactory results in the end. All about apps works here helping young companies to launch a high-quality product with the available resources at hand. We know the challenges startups face and know what is important in the development process.

  • Collaboration with an experienced developer team
  • All about apps caters for individual platforms or the entire product development
  • Reduction of time-to-market by efficient and well-established development teams
  • High quality product development, where scalability is provided from the start
  • Established understanding of the challenges and workings that startups endure

All about apps is a leader in app development. With our well-established expert team, we support our customers quickly and effectively in various areas of product development. Over 250 satisfied customers, with more than 400 premium apps featuring over 150 million downloads, speak for us.