Our Teams

Work with the best

Through the work of our expert teams, all about apps has proved itself as one of the leading mobile solutions providers in Austria and Germany. Our digital solutions specialists – consisting of the best app programmers, UI/UX designers, and quality/project managers – ensure a smooth and efficient workflow. Our mission is to create innovative digital experiences for customers using the latest trends and technologies. Work with us on the solutions of tomorrow!

The creative crux of our work runs through all processes; from conception and development of ideas, continuing with wire-framing and prototyping, and then finally the finished interface design for mobile & web platforms. These are then enhanced through animation and motion design elements. Our team embraces colour, and works with modern design methodologies married with a comprehensive range of tools such as Adobe CC, Sketch, Invision, but above all… with lots of pen and paper.

Do you enjoy thinking outside of the box, finding it satisfying as you create user journeys in the digital world? Send us your creative application. We look forward to having a chat with you.

Project Management
This is where the threads run together. The PM team is a central component in companies and ensures that customer expectations and project progress remain balanced and satisfactory. Taking on project responsibilities, in terms of time management as well as the budget, is something we do with pleasure.The project managers at all about apps are authentic communication talents. We are in a continuous contact loop with our clients and the interdisciplinary project teams consisting of designers, developers and testers.

Do have the ability to maintain an overview when others struggle with orientation? Do you enjoy working with people from different sectors/abilities daily? Send us your creative application. We look forward to exploring the possibilities with you.

iOS Development
Our iOS team takes care of the technical implementation of projects across all Apple platforms, and hence are responsible for the smooth and efficient implementation thereof – from the first code line until the final release in the app store.

Our vastly experienced team sets great importance on code quality and current “best practices” in software development. Swift has long been our programming language of choice, alongside modern app architectures like MVVM and a responsive programming style.

As part of our iOS team, you will be involved in various interesting projects and can contribute your ideas and experiences openly. Have we sparked your interest? Then send us your application. We look forward to hearing from you.

Android Development
In this team, all project-specific requirements for the Android platform are implemented. In doing so, we pay particular attention to compliance with the platform-specific guidelines, hence meeting and surpassing the quality requirements. We focus not only on phones and tablets, but also on wear, cars and things. And we are constantly monitoring all developments and potentials, testing their suitability for our projects.

As part of our Android team, you can rely on the experience and expertise of your colleagues, and through opportunities in research projects, develop your own strengths. Have we sparked your interest? Then send us your application. We look forward to hearing from you.

Web/Backend Development
The web team involves three areas; frontend, backend and infrastructure. These areas require different competences. You will therefore initially focus on one area in particular with a long-term vision of developing into “full stack engineer” across all three areas. We define IT service projects through API, ERM, and architecture specifications (Node.js), establishing our feature packages in a testable environment which ensures smooth operation and sustainable maintenance through common conventions and best practices. We then implement backend services and web frontends, usually with Typescript (Node.js), being polyglot – they understand design patterns through languages. Themes and technologies such as RESTful, GraphQL, PostgreSQL / NoSQL, Docker, Kubernetes, React.js / MobX are omni-present in our everyday work.

All three areas are constantly evolving. With your ideas and experiences, you will have a direct impact on how we face future challenges. Have we sparked your interest? Then send us your application. We look forward to your hearing from you.

Quality Management
If you assume quality management to be irrelevant testing – think again! Quality assurance is carried out in a variety of ways and starts at the beginning of the development process. We ensure that results meet the stipulated requirements and help developers maintain this balance. Often, by asking the right questions, identifying possible misunderstandings or mistakes can be done at an early stage in development. When testing the software, we use different approaches and setups from which, for example with a destructive test, we can gain constructive criticism.

Have we sparked your interest? Then send us your application. We look forward to hearing from you.