App Monitoring

Sustainability is the foundation for the future success of your mobile application and therefore regular maintenance of your app is imperative. Here, a direct connection to app users can be secured and expanded on, by means of competent support. This is often an important measure to hold customers for the long term.

The all about apps team provides services that go beyond merely publishing your application. Ensuring the success of an app is, amongst others, achieved through monitoring store reviews and appraisals, and analysing user behaviour through an attentive user support system.

Our services include:

Monitoring & Reporting: How often and in which countries is your app downloaded? On which devices and for how long are your apps used? Which functions are most frequently used by users? And who are your users? These are just some of the questions that are answered in our detailed reports so that you can keep an eye on the performance of your app.

Support for Sustainability:

The smartphone market is developing rapidly. We provide you with recommendations as to when and how you can adapt your app to new generations of operating systems and devices. This in turn ensures that your app is always working optimally, benefiting from new functions and addressing new target groups.

  • Ensure success in app stores
  • Fixed maintenance contracts, also available as multi-year by request
  • Contractually fixed response times on support requests
  • Service level agreements for servers and backend systems
  • Error and crash reporting
  • Analysis of user behaviour, leading to concrete suggestions for improvement

All about apps is a leader in app development. Our experienced team of specialists provide quick and effective support for our clients throughout various phases of product development. The size of our team and their collective expertise, enable us to comfortably administer the entire development process in-house. This allows us to offer flexibility, efficiency and a high level of quality in the delivery of our products. Over 250 satisfied customers, with more than 400 premium apps featuring over 150 million downloads, speak for us.