Mobile ERP System

With ERP systems, companies plan and regulate their resources throughout all value-added processes within the company. Mobile ERP is the extension of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems on the mobile channel – i.e .ERP management with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Access via mobile channels is accomplished either through mobile websites or apps specifically designed for this purpose. ERP systems then offer the appropriate interfaces to make data and information available for mobile use.

  • Mobile ERP allows the use of ERP systems from anywhere provided there is internet access (WLAN or mobile network).
  • Employees or users of these systems can obtain information from the ERP systems on the go, making decisions based on this information (and depending on if the ERP system supports this), even enter new information into the system.
  • During customer conversations, the sales team for example, can use an app to query the stock level of a product that the customer wants to buy in the store, or to offer the customer alternative products that are currently available.

all about apps has obtained vast experience working with large, complex IT landscapes. The digitalisation of value-added processes as well as their successful implementation for mobile projects has become a strength of ours. Over the years, we have acquired a wealth of technical expertise,  and we are familiar with the challenges of integrating the latest mobile technologies into existing systems.

Whether it be a SAP Hana Cloud Platform, Microsoft Dynamics AX or Oracle ERP Cloud, all about apps is the ideal partner driving the realisation of new, innovative applications for companies, employees and customers.

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