All about apps is specialised in the development of high-quality mobile software solutions for industrial companies. Through our Safety & Compliance App, we offer a mobile software solution to support industrial processes in the field of compliance and occupational health and safety, specifically for the construction, production and industrial sectors. With this fully integrated product, our clients enjoy a secure solution for maintaining their management systems, such as ISO or OSHA.

Application opportunities for mobile solutions are:

IoT Applications

The Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming one of the most important growth markets, and is closely linked to the evolution of stronger global networking. Our goal is to control machines and devices with smartphone solutions and to provide a platform for the efficient exchange data.

SAP Apps

More than a half of well-known companies in German-speaking countries use SAP systems. With SAP Fiori and the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, we help our customers extend their business processes to the mobile channel.

Process Optimization

The digitalisation of business processes generates tremendous potential. With the right measures, costs can be saved, and the quality of service and profits raised.

Mobile ERP System

With ERP systems, businesses can plan and control their resources throughout the entire range processes within the company. Mobile ERP is simply the expansion of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems on mobile channels.

Safety & Compliance

Business processes require distinct mobile software solutions in which the documentation of test steps, checklist completion and digital assignment of work orders, plays a defining role.

Custom Apps

As the reach of smartphones increases, a mobile or digital presence becomes ever more important for companies. We guide our clients in the conception and development of optimal digital mobile solutions, not only for their customers, but also for internal company purposes.