Over 400 successfully developed apps for more than 250 renown clients makes all about apps one of the leading mobile solutions providers in Austria and Germany, and ultimately a trusted partner for the realisation of sophisticated mobile solutions. Together with our ISO certified processes, our developers and design specialists create innovative and robust digital communication and software solutions for companies and start-ups.

Individual needs and preferences for tailored solutions require continuous consultancy throughout the digital product life cycle, especially with mobile apps.  Our highly competent and reliable team, guides clients through the entire process (from the initial idea right through to the final product).  All about apps offers the full service range from one partner: digital consulting, digital training, app design and conception, app development, backend development, web development, app testing and publishing, and finally – monitoring and support.

Digital Consulting

Rapidly developing mobile technologies make it difficult for companies to efficiently secure middle to long-term decision-making… and this is where the mobile experts at all about apps are engaged.

Digital Training

Together with our digital experts, and within the framework of digital training, all about apps can boost the coding knowledge and digital skill set of your management and co-workers.

App Design und Conception

Conception and design of over 400 successful mobile applications proves our competency as UI/UX design experts. Our experience allows us to create tailored design concepts to suit the needs of our clients.

App Development

Successful apps offer a synchronous mix of functionality and ease-of-use. With our experts in app development, design and user experience, we are able to achieve this mix.

Backend Development

All about apps develops tailored Backend solutions where; existing structures can be integrated, security protocols are maintained, flawless operational performance, and which are easily serviceable after implementation.

Web Development

Our Web engineers can produce customised web applications, web services and or complex websites – such as web shops or portal systems.

App Testing

The future success of an app is reliant on the quality of the app. Problems with it’s application, bad usability and functionality, can all be avoided through proper quality management.

App Publishing

Successfully engage your target audience by optimising your appearance on virtual stores. This includes optimised SEO descriptions and inviting screenshots accompanied by “prime” keywords.

Monitoring & Support

Longevity is the foundation of the future success for mobile applications.  Regular technical maintenance and an reliable and highly competent support team are imperative.