Finance Apps


All about apps draws on the skills of a proven expert team, having many years of experience, when developing complex and individualised mobile solutions for the financial and insurance sectors. The following are possible applications for mobile solutions accordingly:

Bank Apps

In Central Europe, more than 50% of bank customers use smartphones for their banking needs. It is therefore tough for any bank to escape this trend, leading to the development of all major banking houses now offering corresponding in-house mobile banking apps.

Insurance Apps

The insurance market has also digitally upgraded. Apps enable end users to process claims, submit invoices, or request policy information. Thus, business operations are processed completely digitally.

FinTech Apps

Customers are now increasingly resorting to financial products from young and innovative companies – turning their backs on existing, well-known financial institutions. For FinTechs, it is necessary to launch an error-free product.

Custom Apps

As smartphones advance their reach, mobile or digital presence becomes a significant element for companies. We design and develop optimal applications for your customers and employees.