Digital Schulungen

We live in an increasingly digitalised world. This leads to constant shifts in companies globally and across industry sectors Fast moving technology development brings with it opportunities, and also challenges. Through our digital training courses, we explain the important basics to you and your employees, and minimise the time needed for training and orientation.

Unser Angebot für Einsteiger
  • Clarification of the hardware requirements for development equipment
  • Training on the required software tools as well as development environments
  • Tips for an optimal start in mobile development
Unser Angebot für Fortgeschrittene
  • Recommendations for 3rd party libraries or purchased services and components
  • Support through the integration of social networks and other external services
  • Support through the optimisation of security and performance
  • Assistance with complex problems and adjusting to new hardware and devices
  • Guidance with architectural considerations
  • Support for the implementation of unit tests and test automations
Unser Angebot für Team-Leiter
  • Assistance with building your own developer team
  • Implementation of source code maintenance and continuous integration
  • Help with the definition and application of coding guidelines
  • Recommendations when switching to modern programming languages ​​(Swift, Kotlin)
  • Monitoring/maintenance of apps

Successful transformation into a digital future requires vision with an interdisciplinary approach, as well as a reliable partner with indispensable digital know-how, and vast experience. Together with our digital experts and through our digital training courses, your management and staff can boost their understanding of digital skills.

Ihre Vorteile durch Digital Schulungen
  • Immense shortening of the time taken for integration
  • Orientation around international standards
  • Sustained quality improvement
Unsere Expertise

All about apps resonates with it’s many years of experience in the creation of digital and mobile communication and software solutions. Our digital training courses are constructed and performed by experts from each respective area. We are pleased to have helped numerous companies build their own development teams, through our digital training courses.

App Design und Konzept