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In hardly any other industry in recent years, has there been such a strong turnaround on mobile solutions – as in the banking environment. Already more than 50% of the Central European banking customers handle their banking business predominantly through smartphones. It is hard to see any bank escaping this trend, and as such, now all major banks offer mobile banking apps. In view of the different customer needs, some banks even have multiple apps with specific purposes programmes. This trend is further reinforced by Fintech startups such as N26. There are even banks, who now operate entirely on mobile devices, negating the need to even offer branch-level business.

The essential basic functions like insight into current transactions and account balances, transfers and account management, are nowadays mandatory and are expected by the bank customers making use of bank apps. With additional services such as mobile account opening or small loans and credit (which can be processed in a few moments) the most modern providers are tirelessly searching for decisive advantages in this highly competitive market, differentiating themselves accordingly.

  • Providers of mobile banking apps reach their customers anytime, anywhere – through a 24/7 service, regardless of the opening hours
  • Transaction costs for banks are reduced by a shift of services to mobile channels
  • The number of transactions are boosted by the constant availability, speed and convenience in processing.
  • Through mobile banking apps, banks are given more information about the usage patterns and preferences of their customers i.e. which services work well or where improvements need to be made to increase service quality or increase customer satisfaction.

For more than 5 years, all about apps has been working with the largest banks in Central Europe to develop innovative mobile banking solutions for their customers, helping them to position them successfully on the market.

As an ISO certified company with the necessary experience in the development of performance-optimised and security-tested mobile apps, we are the ideal implementation partner for banks who aim to expand their mobile services.

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