Backend Development

As individual as each of our long-term partners are, so too are the specific infrastructures required. All about apps is specialised in the development of tailor-made backends that: integrate with your existing interfaces, comply with the current security policies, enable smooth operation (SLAs) and ensure sustainable maintenance.

A tactful general technical concept is essential for the digitalisation of your business processes. Accordingly, the backend is the central binding for all (mobile) apps. This is where all user data accumulates, and where your business processes are administered as smooth and clear information flows.

Following our internal company ideology, all about apps addresses individual requirements in backend development. The result is a tailor-made product that is geared towards the needs and wishes of our clients, which of course integrates seamlessly with existing systems.

  • Definition of the rudimentary infrastructure architecture including all dependencies on third parties, taking into account the number of users or the expected traffic
  • Evaluation of the required database systems and definition of the abstract data scheme: Relational, NoSQL, Graphs. We are experienced and know which technology is relevant for your project
  • Conception and specification of interfaces optimized for mobile devices (RESTful JSON / GraphQL)
  • Implementation of application services based on Node.js (LTS)
  • An individual Content Management System (CMS) for maintaining your data in the backend and for mapping your business processes across their various responsibilities
  • Away with the “bugs” derived from typical standard solutions! Our backends cover a well-defined and tested feature set relevant for the project requirements
  • Security and encryption: We implement the most up-to-date BSI and NIST recommendations and ensure the security of your customer data
  • Hosting: We host your system in our own cloud service in secure European data centers, manage domains, SSL certificates and any external services that may be required in your overall package
  • Maintenance: Your project is kept up-to-date with the latest language standards and libraries as part of our own maintenance requirements.
  • Future-proof: We do not develop isolated solutions, but rather implementation methods based on established and modern communication standards (RESTful JSON, GraphQL), including automatically generated API documentation. Your future systems can also easily be integrated.
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD): No feature or bugfix has been completed if its implementation has not been resolutely tested and confirmed by unit/integration tests
  • js and npm efficiency: Standing on the shoulders of giants: We are constantly engaging in the world’s fastest growing code ecosystem and have experience with countless libraries
  • TypeScript effectivity: strict code convention and compile-time security (comparable to languages ​​like Java, C #) in one of the most modern programming languages
  • Architecture and relational design: Entity-relationship modelling combined with many years of experience in PostgreSQL. We know how to handle bottlenecks, how data should be structured and where indices belong
  • Monitoring, maintenance and operation: We proactively solve problems, implement the latest security recommendations without being prompted first, and ensure an uninterrupted availability of our systems (SLAs).
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