Apps for Doctors

Apps to support medical professionals are on the up. There are already numerous applications that increase efficiency in the physician’s daily life. All about apps is a pioneer in the development of medical apps. We are certified according to ISO 13485 and are thus authorised to develop apps as a medical devices. Examples of applications for physician apps are: dosage apps, guideline apps from the device manufacturer, or apps to assist physician-patient talks.

  • Dosage apps: physicians can calculate drug dosage quicker and more easily. Additionally, possible sources of error are reduced through automatic calculations by the software.
  • Guidelines Apps: provide physicians with easy access to relevant information provided by the respective device manufacturers.
  • Physician-patient talks: an efficient tool in the form of an app, which assists physicians during patient interviews. For example: 3D models of organs, which illustrate the effects of diseases.

All about apps has more than 5 years’ experience in the development and implementation of medical apps. Furthermore, we are one of the few software developers, in the German-speaking region, who have the appropriate ISO 13485 certification to develop apps as medical products.

The production of high-quality mobile applications is carried out in close collaboration with renowned experts and specialist companies. We guarantee the highest standards of safety and usability.

Apps for Patients