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The conception and design of over 400 mobile applications makes all about apps a proficient user interface and user experience expert. Through our experience, we can develop tailor-made design concepts for you.

Across the various platforms for digital products, mobile applications and websites, the end-user remains the focus of attention. User experience ​​and industry focus provide us with a clear understanding of the identified target groups – the basis for a successful usability and design concept.

An exceptional feeling for aesthetics as well as clear appreciation of the optimal use of modern technologies are just some of the foundation tools in our instrument portfolio, leading to seamless implementation of your mobile app and webpage. We can adapt our usability concepts to the required individual platforms (Android, iOS, Web) and enhance the graphics and animations of your digital product.

Our Performance Portfolio

UI / UX Basics and Guidelines

The user experience includes all the experiences a user is exposed to before, during and after the use of a mobile application. We strive for long term user satisfaction, thus ensuring a prolonged product. Further to an appealing design, a decisive factor for the success of a software product is lies in it’s functionality and performance features.

Mobile and web design guidelines serve as pathway to ensure the successful implementation of your software product. From these, we derive the relevant points which guide you through. Our broad industry know-how provides us with the ability to understand the practicality and challenges, for daily use, and allows us to link these with the relevant mobile software requirements.

UI/UX Workshops

Does the user enjoy their experience during their interactions? Is a smooth experience delivered? Are there any waiting times or delays during this interaction? Is the navigation intuitive and well thought-out making it easy to understand? Which user flows (or click paths) does the user engage to solve their problems?

The User Interface or user experience is a multi-layered and complex field of elements that, in addition to a sound design knowledge, also requires an in-depth understanding of digital / mobile software product users. Our design experts work with closely with you to generate an outstanding user experience.


Development of User Experience Concepts

Every digital product is unique and every user is important, as they have their own individual expectations. An optimal user interface is ultimately based on an understandable navigation concept which is appropriate to the workflow of the user. This provides a successful interface, which nurtures an intuitive, seamless and pleasant interaction between the user and the digital software product. The clever combination of optimised visual interface designs and dynamic elements, is crucial for a unique user experience.

As part of our conceptual design process, we create a customised usability concept ideal for your individual requirements. This includes the overall layout of all functional areas, in addition to the navigation structure. Another important component of the design concept is the visual interface look. The first impression of a mobile application is critically important as it touches on the emotional concept of the digital product. A coherent look and feel, attractive key visuals and animations as well as appropriate use of colours and shapes, all have an important influence on the perception of the product.

Creation of User Stories

User stories, in simple terms – the software requirements, are used to define the set sequences the user goes through. The story protagonists are thus the users of digital software products who attempt to solve a challenge or a problem. The task is therefore to provide the best possibilities to achieve this through the interface. User stories are intentionally kept short and are considered a vital method in establishing the functionality of an app or webpage.

Mock-ups & Prototyping

For the purpose of an early visualisation of digital/mobile software product, the UI/UX design specialists at all about apps make use of mock-ups and prototyping methods. This provides an initial feedback on the suitability of certain approaches to possible solutions and thus also a timely evaluation of individual functionalities within the framework of the product design process.


In order to assess the aesthetic design and user flows in the early product development phase, all about apps offers an opportunity to test the user interface through the use of click-dummies.

Available on mobile devices and browsers, click dummies simulate clickable areas which allow the varous screen designs to connect to each other, providing a quick feel for the user experience, without putting significant effort into technical development.

App Design


The first step in planning an interface concept is the creation of wireframes. These represent the functional sequences of the app or webpage, and connect the various screens within. The combined use of user stories and outcomes from joint design workshops, form the basis for wireframes.

With wireframes, attention to colour is ignored at this stage of design. Wireframes are used to show the entire scope of your digital product, the navigation paths necessary and include definitions for the transitions and animations of various screen elements.

Wireframes are therefore the foundation for software development and are considered a critically important component for developers when translating the UI / UX concept to reality.

Interace Design

The interface design is the “face” of the basic framework for your digital product. It provides an aesthetic and optical pleasure, which is why our interface designers are specialised in creating screen visuals with a stunning look and feel. Here, we also take into consideration existing corporate identities and the preferences of your target group, adapting the design accordingly. During the interface design process, a style-guide is established, colour selection and fonts are defined, as well as a suitable basic layout made clear.


When it comes to generating unique user experiences, animation design plays a key role where our design team is able create a bridge between the digital and real world environments. Animations have the ability to relax content-laden screens, provide relief during loading times, whilst highlighting distinct content.

Your Advantages
  • Extended user retention: app and webpage
  • Increased conversion rates
  • User-oriented design
  • State-of-the-art UX/UI design
  • “Wow” effect for your app
Our Expertise

With all about apps, optimise your app or webpage through customised animations and UI elements for the based on your requirements. Regular exchanges and the consolidation of client feedback in the early project phase, help us to achieve the anticipated design goals efficiently. Our design team has insightful UI/UX know-how, creativity and wealth of ideas, and look forward to translating innovative ideas together with you over to the digital environment.

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